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Close up photo of George's mouth before dental work at Rockwall Oral Surgery
Close up photo of George's mouth after dental work at Rockwall Oral Surgery
Photo of George after dental work completed at Rockwall Oral Surgery

George - Before and After Photos + Testimonial

George has a big smile and smiles often. He spent his entire life taking care of his teeth, however, diabetes and normal wear and tear began to take their toll. “I realized I was becoming self-conscious and smiling less. I didn’t like that,” said George. Desiring a maintenance-free solution that would not get in the way of his active life, George’s dentist, Dr. Jonathan Almy at Rowlett Dental Associates, suggested One Day Smile (teeth in a day) from Rockwall Oral Surgery.

George is back to smiling big and capturing the smiles of his biking buddies thanks to his One Day Smile. “My teeth feel natural, I smile more and my wife loves it!”
- George

Close up photo of Melissa's mouth before dental work at Rockwall Oral Surgery
Close up photo of Melissa's mouth after dental work at Rockwall Oral Surgery

Melissa - Before and After Photos + Testimonial

Melissa was one to always stay on the other side of the camera for family pictures or snapshots. An unfortunate combination of periodontal disease and sports-related facial trauma brought Melissa to a crossroads on her smile.

“I saw my aunt struggle with dentures and thought, ‘I don’t want to deal with that,’” said Melissa. That’s when Melissa’s dentist, Dr. Keane Fedosky at Rowlett Dental Associates suggested the teeth-in-a-day procedure, One Day Smile from Rockwall Oral Surgery.

Once Melissa met with the doctor at Rockwall Oral Surgery she knew One Day Smile was the answer she had been looking for. In one day Melissa was free of the pain and discomfort as her old teeth

Melissa’s One Day Smile procedure replaced her upper teeth with strategically placed implants anchoring a rim of teeth customized with the help of Dr. Fedosky to look and feel like real teeth.

Unlike other locally offered procedures that can take months or years to achieve results, One Day Smile allows patients to receive teeth in a day.  Patients walk out of Rockwall Oral Surgery with a smile they may have only dreamed of. As the healing process continues, patients ultimately achieve a smile which sincerely reflects their true self.

And the end result? Melissa is now in front of the camera these days she boasts, “I have a renewed confidence and am worry free about my smile for life!”
- Melissa

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