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All on 4® Treatment Concept Procedure

If you are missing teeth in Rockwall, the All on 4® dental implants treatment could be right for you.At Rockwall Oral Surgery , we strive to provide you with the best possible oral health care possible. When it comes to replacing missing teeth, dental implants have far surpassed all other replacement options. However, regular implants are not for everyone. All-on-4® implants provide those individuals who have suffered bone loss in the jaw an opportunity to reap the many benefits that dental implants have to offer. However, what is involved in the procedure?

Your Consultation

Before you can receive any implant, including the All-on-4® implants, you must first undergo a thorough examination. This will help us to determine if All-on-4® implants are truly the best option for your mouth. During this exam, we visually inspect your mouth as well as take 3-dimensional cone beam images. These images give us a full image of everything that is happening under the gum line. We can assess the condition of your jawbone and determine the best course of action.

The Day of Surgery

On the day of your surgical procedure, we will begin by making you comfortable. This involves the use of a local anesthetic, so you feel no pain and discomfort. Sedation may be used if you are feeling anxious, and can help you to feel fully relaxed.

Once you are anesthetized, we remove any remaining unhealthy teeth, followed by any infected gum tissue. We then make the necessary incisions in your gum tissue to expose the jawbone. We drill into the bone to make space for the implants. For All-on-4® implants, the placement is strategic. Two implants are placed at the front of the jaw, where there is naturally more bone mass. The other two implants are placed at a 45-degree angle toward the back of the jaw. This angle provides more support from the jawbone while avoiding drilling into the sinus cavities.

At the end of your surgery, your incisions are stitched closed around the implants, leaving a small section exposed above the gum line. You will be provided with a set of temporary teeth before you go home to heal.

Post-Operative Care

Healing from the implant surgery can take several weeks to a few months. We will provide you with a set of specific aftercare instructions. They will inform you how to deal with pain and swelling. Avoid strenuous activity for a few weeks following surgery. It is essential that you do not smoke while you heal, as the habit can greatly increase your risk of developing an infection.

As you heal, your jawbone will begin to fuse with the implants, a process known as osseointegration. This process is delicate and critical. Following our instructions will help to ensure that your healing phase is successful.

Receiving Your Permanent Teeth

Once you have healed, it is time to receive your final replacement teeth, typically made out of ceramic. Abutments are placed on the implants and impressions taken. When the teeth are ready, we attach them in place, and you are left with a beautiful, permanent, new smile.

Whether you have been wearing dentures for a while, or you have lost your teeth and are lacking sufficient bone mass in your jaw, you may be a candidate for All-on-4® dental implants. Contact Rockwall Oral Surgery today at (972) 771-0400 to schedule your consultation.

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