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3 Questions You Should Ask When Getting A New Dentist

Has your dentist just re-located their practice? Did they retire? Did you recently move? It can be quite a challenge to find a new dentist that you feel is suitable for your needs when any changes in your life happen that prevent the continual care of your current dentist. It’s vital to do your research on dentists in your area when looking to find a new one. When you do find them, however, asking the right questions can help you to further understand their capabilities and if they will be a good fit for your dental needs.

Q1: How Can I Improve My Dental Health?

Perhaps one of the most important questions to ask your new dentist is how you can improve your dental health. Your dentist may have new ideas to help you maintain and improve your oral health. They may offer you toothbrush or toothpaste suggestions. They can even offer to show you how to appropriately floss or brush. Taking the time to ask them this question will not only be beneficial for your health, but it will also show them that you’re committed to working with them to improve your health.

Q2: Do You Work With Any Dental Specialists?

By asking your new dentist what specialists they work with, you can get a gauge on the network that they have. If they work with several different specialists, you can be sure that they can give you great opinions and references for whatever dental needs you may need in the future. Not every dentist is able to master every dental procedure out there. Knowing beforehand the other dental specialists that they work with can also be telling of their practice.  

Q3:What Kind Of Emergency Care Do they Provide After Hours?

An emergency can happen at any moment. If your emergency happens to be dentally related you should already know whether or not your dentist provides after-hours care. Ask this question of your new dentist to ensure that you know what to do and who to go to in the case of a dental emergency. Most dentists will have an emergency line in the event of an issue that may happen outside of their normal business hours.

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