Oral surgery is about precision. Tools like 3D Cone Beam give us more information and a better view.

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To provide you with the best quality care and solutions to your oral health issues, we at Rockwall Oral Surgery need to have a clear idea of what exactly is happening inside of your mouth. However, some structures cannot be viewed with just a visual examination. To view these areas—between your teeth, the jawbone, the roots of your teeth—x-rays are often required. In some cases, though, x-rays may not be enough. For us to get a clearer image, and make a more accurate diagnosis, we utilize 3D cone beam technology.

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With 3D cone mean technology, we can make a more accurate diagnosis, and therefore a treatment plan that provides you with the best possible outcome. For more information on the 3D cone beam, contact Rockwall Oral Surgery today!

About 3D Cone Beam Technology?

It’s a simple, quick scan that creates a 3D image for diagnosis

What Is 3D Cone Beam Technology?

3D cone beam technology utilizes computed tomography to generate images. It is similar to an x-ray but produces images closer to those generated by a traditional CT scan. A cone-shaped x-ray beam rotates completely around your head, capturing several images as it does. When finished, the images are strung together to create a one single, high-quality, 3-dimensional image. This image allows us to see your teeth, bone, soft tissues and even your nerves. We can make a more accurate diagnosis of several issues and formulate the best possible treatment plans.

3D Cone Beam Uses

The cone beam is often used when digital x-rays are not enough. It has numerous uses:

  • Evaluating the condition of your jawbone
  • Evaluating your sinus cavities, nasal passages or nerve passageways
  • Diagnosing impacted teeth (wisdom teeth or other teeth)
  • Diagnosing temporomandibular issues
  • Evaluating tumors in the jaw
  • Planning treatment for reconstructive jaw surgery
  • Planning optimal placement for dental implants

Benefits of the 3D Cone Beam

There are several benefits involved with the use of 3D cone beam technology:

  • High quality images
  • A 3-dimensional image provides several angles, allowing for a more accurate diagnosis
  • We can see bone, soft tissues and nerves, all in the same image
  • Quick and completely pain-free

What to Know Before Your Scan

Your Scan

When you arrive for your scan, you will be advised to remove any jewelry—necklaces, earrings, facial piercings—along with any hair accessories that contain metal (hair pins, clips, ties). You will also need to remove glasses and hearing aids if you wear them. At the time of your scan, we will seat you at the machine, and have you place your chin on the rest. We will make the necessary adjustments to ensure everything is lined up properly. Once the scan begins, it will take less than one minute, and is completely painless. Seconds after the scan is complete, the image will appear on our computer monitor. We can examine the image and discuss our findings with you.

Are There Any Risks Involved?

There are a few risks to be aware of when it comes to the use of the 3D cone beam:

  • There is more radiation involved with a 3D cone beam scan than with a traditional x-ray. However, there is less radiation involved than with a traditional CT scan.
  • If you are pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant, you may not be a candidate for this scan. You should inform us of this information before we start.
  • Children are not good candidates for 3D cone beam scans.