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4 Signs of Oral Pathological Diseases

Your mouth consists of a significant amount of delicate soft tissues. Those soft tissues – your gums, tongue, and cheeks – are smooth and pink in color when they are healthy. However, these tissues do change from time to time. It’s essential to pay attention to any changes in your mouth. Oral pathology is a specialty of Rockwall Oral Surgery! We can diagnose your oral abnormality and recommend the best course of action for you. 

What Is Oral Pathology and How Does It Affect You? 

Oral pathology is a dental specialty that entails detecting disease in and around the mouth and treating it, and repairing any damage that may result. We look for lumps and bumps, off colors, and strange substances growing on the tongue and teeth, as well as lumps and bumps in the throat. All of these symptoms could be signs of a disease or, in the worst-case scenario, cancer. 

What Are the Signs of Oral Cancer and Other Pathological Conditions?  

Patches: White or red patches in the mouth, particularly those that develop over time, can be very telling and lead to a correct diagnosis. The amount of time it’s been there, its size, and its color all play a role. 

Sores: We’re also on the lookout for sores. Those that do not heal after a certain amount of time, are tender to the touch, or bleed easily may indicate a more severe problem. 

Lumps: A lump in your mouth, like any other part of your body, can be a sign of trouble. If you notice a thickening of the skin or tissues in your mouth, this could be the case. This abnormality could indicate that the fibers and tissues are being attacked. 

Pain: Your nerves may be worn and sensitive from an attacker if you have long-term symptoms of pain, such as a chronic throat ache or difficulty chewing or swallowing your food. 

How Are Oral Pathological Issues Diagnosed?

Rockwall Oral Surgery is the team you want on your side when it comes to diagnosing anything wrong with your mouth. 

We perform a comprehensive examination of your mouth. In many cases, we may also use X-rays and other scans and visual inspection and perform a soft tissue biopsy. This biopsy gives us a sample of the lesion in your mouth to examine under a microscope. Biopsies are frequently used as a diagnostic tool for oral cancer. 

Infections and problems with the mouth can be hereditary, viral, or bacterial. These problems can appear at any time in different people’s lives for various reasons. Timing is one feature that is unique to each patient. 

Are You Ready to Book Your Oral Pathology Appointment? 

While a regular oral exam can help detect abnormalities in your mouth, they can happen at any time. Waiting until your next cleaning and exam puts your oral and overall health at risk. Call Rockwall Oral Surgery at (469)757-4433 today to schedule a consultation!