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5 Oral Surgery Prep Tips

From wisdom teeth removal to gum disease, many Americans every year undergo oral surgery. But before entering the dental office for the procedure, one should be aware of before, during, and postoperative instructions. Address any questions or concerns before scheduling the procedure. Also, if one has questions or concerns after scheduling the appointment, reach out immediately for answers or clarification.

What is Oral Surgery?

Dental surgeries cover a wide range of procedures, including:

For many dental surgeries, we offer dental sedation at Rockwell Oral Surgery. Discuss if the oral surgery uses sedation and, if not if sedation is an option. Dental sedation is helpful for individuals who feel anxious or afraid of the dentist or dental procedures. Different types of sedation can assist in making a patient feel at ease during their dental visit.

Preparing for Oral Surgery

There are a few items to remember before the procedure happens, such as asking questions, raising concerns, or following surgery instructions. We found five helpful tips when preparing for a dental operation. Make sure to follow all instructions given by the dentist performing the surgery to ensure the surgery goes well and there is proper healing.

Tip #1

Discuss what will happen during the surgery. Ask questions about what will happen and if there is any instruction to follow before the appointment.

Tip #2

Our second tip is about drink and food intake. For example, some procedures will require that individuals fast from food or drink for a certain amount of time before the surgery. Additionally, be sure to go without food and drink for the given timeframe.

Tip #3

The next tip is to dress comfortably. Most likely, individuals will not want to change their clothes after the surgery. To allow people to snuggle up with their favorite blanket once they get home, we recommend wearing comfortable clothes one can use for sleep.

Tip #4

Our fourth tip is regarding transportation to and from the procedure. If one will use dental sedation, have someone be the driver and stay at the office throughout the operation until the one is ready to leave.

Tip #5

Lastly, follow all post-operation directions. If any side-effects happen after leaving, contact the dental office right away. Also, attend all follow-up visits. Follow-up appointments assist in monitoring and ensuring the healing process is occurring.

Oral Surgery With Dr. Pollock

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