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If you’re experiencing pain in the back of your mouth, it might be time for your wisdom teeth to come out. Most people simply don’t have enough room in their mouths for their wisdom teeth to fully erupt and fit comfortably. Because of this, it’s estimated that 5 million people have their wisdom teeth removed each year. Here are a few things to know before undergoing the procedure.

Make Sure You Bring a Friend

Not only will you need someone to drive you home from your appointment, but you’ll also need someone to help you for a day or two during the recovery period. Make sure to ask a family member or close friend to help for a few days.

Eating Will Be Challenging at First

You may not think about eating at first, but once you start getting hungry, the idea of chewing may scare you a bit. Just choose soft foods like smoothies, soups and puddings. Be sure to avoid straws and any sucking motions so you don’t get dry socket.

No Smoking, Vaping or Straws

When the blood clots covering the extraction sites come dislodged due to the sucking motion created by smoking, vaping or using a straw, a condition called dry sockets occurs. It is extremely painful! Avoid this complication by avoiding anything that creates a sucking motion.

Swelling Is Completely Normal

Swelling is completely natural as it’s your body’s reaction after surgery of any kind. It should start to subside after about 24 hours, but everyone’s bodies are different. Keep your head elevated and a cold compact on the areas of swelling to help minimize the swelling.

Don’t Brush Your Teeth

This is probably one of the only times you’ll ever hear a dental professional tell you not to brush your teeth, but the first 24 hours after surgery are vital to healing and you should avoid brushing just during that time.

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