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5 Tips to Help Manage Your Dental Anxiety

If you get anxious or uncomfortable when you think about visiting the dentist or even calling the dentist to schedule an appointment, you’re not alone. According to the Columbia University of Dental Medicine, as many as 40 million Americans experience dental anxiety. Maybe you’ve had a negative experience in the past or maybe you’re trying to avoid experiencing pain. Whatever the reason for your fear of the dentist, here are 5 tips to help you manage your anxiety and be able to conquer the feat of scheduling an appointment. 

Share your fears

If you’re tense or anxious, that’s okay. It’s important to discuss these fears with your friends and family prior to selecting a dentist. Ask them for recommendations and ensure you’re reaching out to a dentist that is well-known for their high-quality patient care (like us!) Once you’ve reached out to us, we encourage you to discuss your setbacks and concerns with our staff. This will help us adapt our treatments and processes as much as possible to help you feel as comfortable as possible. 

Focus on breathing regularly and slowly during procedures

If you’re focused on your anxiety, it’s common to forget to breathe. You may hold your breath or breath too quickly. This could lead to not taking in oxygen properly which may lead to increased feelings of panic which pose a threat to the dentist performing your procedure. Focus on slow, regular breathing to help reduce your stress levels and ensure your dentist can complete their procedure properly. 

Use hand signals

If you have a good relationship with your dentist, talk to them about using hand signals to communicate to them that you’re feeling uncomfortable during the procedure. This will ensure the dentist can slowly and safely find a stopping point in the procedure so they can address your concerns. 

Choose a low-stress appointment time 

If part of your anxiety is tied to feeling rushes or interrupting your day, work with your dentist to select a time that’s either right at the beginning of the day or closer to the end of their office hours. This will help you feel less rushed and will take some of the pressure off of your visit. 

Look at reviews

To help give you a better picture of what your visit is going to be like and what you can expect, check out a dentist’s reviews before calling to set up an appointment. Check out their social media and Google My Business listings for reviews. Try to focus on the five-star reviews and four-star reviews to help combat any anxiety you’re experiencing. 

Our team deals with dental anxiety on a variety of levels and we understand that the current social and political climate might be further exacerbating the problem. We’re more than happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have prior to your visit with us. For more information, call Dr. Pollock of Rockwall Oral Surgeons today at (469) 264-8921!