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Considering dental implants but still just not sure if you’re ready to commit? Here are eight reasons dental implants rock!

Eat with More Confidence

When you’re missing a tooth, chewing can be difficult to say the least. Dental implants help fill any gaps with a securely fitted tooth replacement to make chewing and eating easy again.

Speak More Clearly

Depending on which teeth are missing, your speech can be affected. This can make your personal and professional life more challenging. With a dental implant, you’ll feel just as you did before you lost a tooth or teeth, and speaking clearly and smoothly will be no problem.

Smile More Often

It’s hard not to smile when you’re proud of your mouth and teeth. Dental implants help give patients back the confidence to flash their pearly whites loudly and proudly!

Improved Oral Health

When teeth are missing, it can greatly affect your oral health in negative ways. Not only are your other teeth at risk, but your entire bite, jaw and even facial structure are also at risk.

Better Durability Than Dentures

Dentures that are removable and temporary solutions feel just as they sound: temporary. The fit is often slightly off, and they never feel completely secure in your mouth. Dental implants feel almost identical to your other teeth thanks to a secure, permanent fit.

No More Adhesive

Adhesive creams and gels are messy, taste funny and are just a pain in general. Dental implants allow you to skip the adhesive forever!

Natural-Looking Appearance

Feeling confident in your smile is about more than just white, straight teeth. For many patients, a natural-looking smile is just as important. With dental implants we can match the color to your other teeth for the most natural-looking results possible.

Improves Social, Romantic and Professional Life

Feeling more confident in yourself and smiling more has actually been proven to enhance your life in other ways. People who smile more often and with an open-mouth smile are perceived as happier, younger, smarter, and more successful!

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