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A Toothy Transformation

The prospect of dental work can be intimidating. If you’re missing teeth, it might seem like it’s going to be a long road to a new smile. The impending appointments and anticipated procedures can freeze people into inaction. You might think that that many visits to the oral surgeon are going to be hard on your body or really expensive, and you’re not necessarily wrong. But what if you could have a new smile in just one day?

We’re not talking about your run-of-the-mill dentures either, we’re talking about teeth affixed to your mouth that don’t move and will function just like real teeth. No leaving them to sit overnight and no denture sores. 

Who’s Not Right For A One Day Smile?

The best candidates for Teeth in a Day are those who can heal well. A number of factors can affect your ability to heal properly following this One Day Smile procedure.

  • Smokers – People who smoke tobacco are unfortunately not great candidates for dental implants. Smoking severely affects your mouth’s ability to heal following dental surgery because they inhibit the body’s ability to deliver necessary nutrients to the wound site.
  • Uncontrolled Diabetes – Diabetes can affect your blood’s ability to flow freely to the surgical site which may result in longer recovery times. Also, because blood sugar levels may not be under control, the patient may stand a higher risk of infection as well.
  • Cancer Patients – Cancer ravishes your immune system. Your body’s defenses are off fighting elsewhere and as a result, this can leave the rest of your body vulnerable to infection. Infection risk is a big prohibiting factor when considering surgery as added stress can put your health in serious jeopardy.
  • Patients Taking Certain Medications – Medications can have a number of adverse implications for post-operative recovery. From making you more prone to infection to reducing your body’s ability to heal, medication can have a huge impact on your recovery schedule.

Benefits to Teeth in a Day

If you’re considering an All on 4® dental implant, you can find comfort in knowing that the procedure can be completed in one sitting. You can walk into an oral surgeon’s practice and later that day have a brand new set of teeth to call your own. No bone graft necessary and no denture-related hassle, just astonishing results you can feel good about walking away with.

For A Brand New Smile, Call Dr. Pollock 

A great smile is priceless. Smiles communicate more than words can say and affect the way people see you can what they think about you. If you’re ready to give up your old dentures or ready to fill in the space where your smile used to be, Dr. Pollock’s smile in a day is an excellent option for you. Call Rockwall Oral Surgery today at (469)264-8921 to schedule your appointment.