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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dental X-rays are an essential tool in maintaining oral health. To review patients’ health, dentists will often use X-rays to determine their oral health status. It’s common knowledge that X-rays emit some radiation, but how much are we really being exposed to? Luckily, we have the answer to calm your nerves. Dental X-rays are almost harmless, as they expose us to meager amounts of radiation.

X-Ray Uses

Dental X-rays are a diagnostic tool that helps your dentist detect any damage or changes to the teeth that may not be visible to the naked eye. X-rays can be taken for an array of different reasons but usually are only taken yearly. Additional factors may affect how often dental X-rays are taken, such as your age, oral health, and history of oral health issues such as gingivitis and tooth decay.

Not All X-Rays are Equal

There is more than one type of dental X-ray, and it all depends on what your dentist is looking to see. The different types of X-rays can include:

  • Bitewing: Used to examine the upper and lower teeth in one section of the mouth and identify tough-to-reach cavities.
  • Periapical: Used to show one or two teeth from the crown to root to examine possible root or decay issues.
  • Panoramic: Used to show the entire mouth and is often a tool to gauge tooth development.
  • Occlusal: Used to show the arch of the teeth from the upper or lower jaw’s view.

Safety is Top Priority

A patient’s safety is the top priority of dentists, no matter who you see and for what. Everyone understands that there are dangers to being exposed to radiation, but dental hygienists will always take precautions to ensure maximum protection with the latest technology. For example, when getting one done at the dentist’s office, your dentist will place a led bib over your body to prevent any unnecessary radiation to your organs. Aside from precautions taken, the radiation produced from X-rays is so low that it is considered safe for both children and adults. 

Questions About Radiation Safety?

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