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Best Teeth Whitening Options This Season

Have you searched for the best teeth whitening options to keep your teeth looking shiny and fresh? Rockwall Oral Surgery has choices that you can choose depending on what you are looking for and how often you want to keep up with your whitening. When it comes to whitening your teeth, it is best to know all your options and the benefits that come along with them. Our professionals are here to help you find the best teeth whitening solution that fits your teeth and makes you feel great about your smile. 

If you want to try one of our teeth whitening methods, get in touch with us to set up your appointment today! 

In-Office Whitening 

When you come into the office for our whitening service, we produce a significant color change in a short amount of time, usually within an hour. We do the procedure in the office by applying a high-concentrated peroxide gel directly to the teeth after they have been protected with a special shield. 

This is the most effective whitening process because the gel is substantial and works quickly. You should see results and feel your smile brightening as the procedure takes place. 

Professionally Dispensed Take Home Whitening Kit 

Patients can purchase these kits from your dentist for at-home use. The strength of the gel provided in these kits is lower than the in-office bleaching, allowing for the gel to be applied for a longer time. Usually, patients wear the trays for a few hours a day or overnight for a few days or weeks. It just depends on the product being used. 

Some patients may find the take-home option to be more user-friendly. They can whiten their teeth in the comfort of their own home and do it when they find the time. The process may take a little longer, but overnight whitening is not a hassle for some. 

Over the Counter Whitening 

Over-the-counter whitening kits use the lowest concreted form of a gel. While they might be the most affordable, they are always the least effective. Also, because over-the-counter whitening trays are not a custom fit, they can irritate your gums while wearing the trays. With this, you should be more careful with how long you wear them and pay attention to the size trays you put into your mouth, so you do not irritate your gums. 

Rockwall Oral Surgery can Brighten your Smile 

Do you think about the best teeth whitening options for your smile? Rockwall Oral Surgery is here to help you decide! If you have questions about our teeth whitening procedure or other options, please reach out to us. We always put our patients first and want to ensure you get the care you need for your teeth. 

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