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Buying The Proper Toothbrush

You find yourself stuck in the toothbrush aisle contemplating some of the hard-hitting questions that many standing in the aisle before you have also had to face. Electric or not? Red or Green? Soft bristles or hard bristles? Which brand is the best for me?

Now, you may be reading this asking yourself what a proper toothbrush choice is and how to know which one to get as you stand in the dreaded grocery aisle. The truth of the matter is that not all toothbrushes are equal and there are many different things to consider.

ADA Approval When shopping for a new toothbrush, look for the American Dental Association (ADA) seal of approval. A manual or electric toothbrush can become approved by the ADA by providing scientific evidence about the toothbrush’s safety and efficacy. This means that toothbrushes with this seal have had their data reviewed by the ADA and have met the necessary recommendations such as:

  • Safe bristle tips
  • Sturdy handle
  • Proper bristle retention
  • Efficacy in reducing plaque build-up

Brush Head Size– Brush heads can come in many different sizes and be confusing when contemplating what the best size is for you. As a standard, the best brush head size for an adult is half an inch wide and one inch tall and will perfectly allow you to reach all of the areas of the teeth including top, front and back. This does vary, however, based on age as a child’s toothbrush will be smaller than an adult’s.

Bristle Type And Shape– As you likely have already seen on your search for the best toothbrush, there are three different types of bristles. The three types of bristles, soft, medium and hard can differentially affect the damage to your teeth. Even though we think of our teeth to be hard, the truth is that they can actually become quite soft due to the weakening from acid or certain foods. For most people, however, soft bristles can be efficient and provide an effective brushing.

Manual Vs. Electric– Using a manual or electric toothbrush can be equally effective when used properly. It is important when purchasing either that you look for the ADA seal of approval and try to skip the unapproved toothbrushes. While some research has stated that electrical toothbrushes can produce a better clean, it is also able to cause more damage if pressed too hard against the teeth.

Now that you know what to look for at your next trip down the toothbrush aisle, hopefully, the trip will be less stressful and end in a successful toothbrush selection.

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