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Can They Tell?

Needing dental implants can seriously affect your self-esteem. Missing teeth can drive you to blow off job interviews, dates, appointments you name it. But the effects of missing teeth extend farther than just the physical appearance of your smile. It can impact your life as a whole. 

As we mentioned, they might make you decide to miss important engagements and affect your personal and professional life but they also can affect you physically.

  • Eating – Your teeth are essential for the beginning of the digestion process. They do the original heavy-lifting that makes it possible for the rest of your body to begin breaking food down into the nutrients you need to be healthy. Missing teeth can mean not breaking food down as much as it needs to be before being introduced to the other steps of digestion and unusual chewing habits to cope.
  • Jaw health – Teeth do more than just chew food. Their roots stimulate the jaw to regenerate. Without them, your jaw may begin to deteriorate leading to atrophy of the jawbone giving your face a more saggy appearance. So if you’re missing teeth, it’s important to see an oral surgeon about dental implants because they can imitate tooth roots and maintain a healthy jaw.
  • Speech – Missing teeth can also affect the way you talk and how you pronounce sounds. Things like airflow are impacted as well as your ability to touch your tongue to certain teeth to create specific sounds and in some situations create a lisp or a whistle.

Once You Get Implants

Some people are concerned that artificial teeth won’t look natural. Whether it be a concern of color, shape or size, oral surgeons like Dr. Pollock are excellent consultants in choosing the right implant and the corresponding replacement teeth. Most replacement teeth are crafted from porcelain or zirconia. Both materials have the same light reflexive properties as enamel making your new teeth and your old teeth essentially indistinguishable.

Replacement teeth accompanied by a dental implant, require the same maintenance as your natural teeth. They need to be flossed and brushed and acquire plaque. Best of all they won’t look like traditional dentures and no one will be the wiser. You’ll be able to get back out there and reclaim your social life with confidence.

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Missing teeth can be a time sensitive issue. If left unaccounted for, missing roots can allow your jaw to start deteriorating. Call Dr. Pollock today for a consultation or schedule an appointment at (469)264-8921 or visit the Rockwall Oral Surgery contact page here.