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A dentist is explaining oral surgery.

Oral surgery consists of procedures done to the mouth, teeth, or jaw that requires surgical treatment. Dental specialists will perform these surgical procedures. Some common dental surgical procedures include: Impacted wisdom teeth removalTooth implantsGum graftsRoot canalTooth removalFull dental reconstructionOrthognathic Surgery (corrective jaw surgery) Dental surgical procedures

An x-ray of dental implants.

Deciding to get dental implants can be difficult. Although there are other options, “All-On-4®” implants provide many more benefits for individuals than dentures. Before discussing the benefits these implants offer, one should determine if dental implants are right for their needs. Do I Need Dental

Rapid growth has come from the 3D printer since its original conception in the 1990s. During the mid-2000s, the medical care industry began to implement 3D printing. This medical care included dentistry. As with any new technology, however, the printer has evolved with adjustments