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Dental Gems: Trendsetting or Tooth-Decaying?

With all of the best and worst 90’s trends making a comeback, tooth gems are reappearing. Mom jeans and shoulder pads may not be harmful to your health, but blinging out your smile just might. As more and more celebrities influence the population with their gleaming smiles, has anyone ever stopped to consider that this trend may be hurting your teeth?

What are Tooth Gems?

If you’ve ever seen someone smile and got blinded by something shiny, chances are that they’re sporting a tooth gem. These adornments are tiny rhinestone jewels attached to the surface of the tooth using a specific adhesive. While attaching these gems doesn’t include numbing or drilling, long-term effects may lead to a more significant oral health issue.

A Trend With a Risk

While the look of tooth gems can be appealing to some, the risks that come with adding them to your teeth can outweigh the aesthetics. Typically, tooth bling lasts for roughly six months to a year. Imagine an adhesive sitting on your tooth for this long, eating away at the enamel of your tooth. Once the gem has adhered to one or more of a person’s teeth, it can become increasingly difficult to brush them properly. If your oral routine is disturbed, your teeth become at a higher risk for cavities and other decay that can lead to infection and, in severe cases, the need for oral surgery.

Will permanent tooth discoloration become a trend? With the high possibility of damage to the tooth after removal, individuals who have had this adornment may have changed the appearance of their teeth much more than they originally intended. 

D.I.Y. Don’t Glue it Yourself

With this trend all the rage, people are turning to D.I.Y. kits to put their own charms on their teeth. Without the help of a dental hygienist, individuals are at a higher risk of harming their oral health in the long run.

Think Your Oral Health Through

For those looking to enhance their smile, individuals can take many different avenues without harming the health of their teeth. Speak with your dental hygienist about how you can whiten your smile or use other dental tools to create the smile of your dreams.

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