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Dental Surgery and Bone Grafts

Many Americans undergo many different dental surgery procedures every year. Whether it is wisdom teeth removal, dental implants, or full mouth reconstruction, dental surgeons work to help patients find dental pain relief or achieve their oral and facial dental goals.

For some, the process of achieving their dental goals or pain relief might include the need for a bone graft. So what exactly is a bone graft, and when would one need a bone graft for their dental operation?

What is a Bone Graft?

Bone grafting in dentistry is when a dentist transports a bone from a “donor” source to a “recipient” site. Most commonly, the “recipient” site is the jaw beneath the gum line. 

Jawbones, over time, can diminish, weaken, and thin out, making it impossible or risky to undergo restorative dental surgery. With a dental bone graft, the once weak jaw is strong enough for surgical procedures.

Bone grafting allows the jaw to build its strength. In addition, once the jaw bone is strong enough, one can undergo surgery. 

If an individual requires a bone graft before a dental procedure, they will receive an anesthetic. This anesthetic will be local to the “donor” and “recipient” sites. A dental surgeon will make an incision in the gums and insert the bone graft from the “donor” site to the “recipient” site. The dental surgeon will place material to aid in bone growth and healing before closing the “recipient” site.

When Dental Surgery requires a Bone Graft

The most common surgical procedure that will require a bone graft if the jaw is weak or thin is dental implants. A dental surgeon may require a bone graft if an individual is being seen for full mouth reconstruction.

The jaw bone needs to be strong for long-lasting dental implants and rebuild a person’s mouth and jaw. When scheduling an appointment to review dental goals, be sure to discuss if the procedure will require bone grafting. If the dental surgeon recommends a bone graft(s), it will increase the time needed as the bone graft procedure and healing will need to occur before the initially planned operation.

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