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dental surgery recovery

Dental Surgery Recovery

After dental surgery, individuals should keep in mind a few pieces of information that will be helpful in their recovery. Directions for preparing for oral surgery will change depending on the surgery one is receiving. Surgical procedures such as dental implants, bone grafts, orthognathic surgery, or wisdom teeth removal have varying degrees of preparation and after-care requirements.

Oral surgery can require a bit of planning to navigate post-surgery life. One might need to:

  • Schedule time off from work
  • Arrange transportation to and from the dental surgery
  • Purchase soft food
  • Prepare a comfortable space for recovery

After the oral surgery, individuals should take care to create a comfortable space that is free from hazards and clutter. Having a full pantry and fridge with soft food will help limit a person’s physical activity and ensure they eat the proper diet after oral surgery. 

Some foods that one can eat are:

  • Applesauce
  • Smoothies
  • Yogurt
  • Milkshakes
  • Mashed fruits
  • Mashed vegetables

Any food one eats during recovering from a dental procedure should be chilled or at lukewarm temperatures. Even though broths and scrambled eggs are soft food, eating these hot could lead to a longer recovery timeframe.

Following Dental Surgery After-Care Directions

Depending on the procedure, post-op instructions will also differ. Before scheduling the operation, one should ask questions about how long the healing process usually takes, if the surgery requires sedation, which type of sedation the dentist will use, and how long the surgery will take.

For long-lasting results, individuals should remember to:

  • Relax
  • Eat soft food
  • Follow all directions given 
  • Take pain medication as prescribed
  • Watch out for clotting or bleeding
  • Attend follow-up appointments

Recovering from an oral procedure should include limiting one’s physical activity. Exertion can cause stitches to come out or to bleed. Without proper rest, one can lengthen the time to heal and recover from surgery. To reduce swelling and bruising, a person should apply ice on and off every 15 minutes to the affected area(s).

Attending a scheduled follow-up visit will assist in ensuring a person’s mouth, teeth, or jaws are healing correctly and that no infection or other adverse side-effects are happening.

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