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Dental Trauma: Types & Treatments

Just as traumatic injuries can occur to the body, they can also occur in and around the mouth to anyone at any age.These injuries are often caused by motor vehicle accidents, assaults, sports or work related injuries, and falls. Let’s discover the different types of traumas and how they can be treated.

Damaged Teeth

Most chips and cracks can be easily restored with dental bonding. If there is larger damage, a dental crown, or restorative “cap” may be required. 

If the damage extends into the pulp of the tooth, a root canal will be the best option. This treatment involves removing the pulp and the root of the tooth to clear away any bacteria and infection. At the end of the procedure, the tooth is capped with a crown.

Dislodged Teeth

If the impact is severe enough it can dislodge a tooth. It may be pushed up into the socket, or it may come out of the socket slightly. If that’s the case, we can reposition the tooth to its original location and stabilize it with a root canal. 

If the tooth comes completely out of socket, be sure to find the tooth and clean it off, preserving it in a sealed jar of milk until you can get to the office. We can reseat the tooth and stabilize it with a splint.

Root Fractures

Injuries to the tooth can include horizontal root fractures. Fractures closer to the tip of the root have a better chance of healing properly. Root fractures close to the crown have less of a chance for long-term success, and a splint would provide the best result to stabilize the tooth. 

Bone Injuries

Dental injuries may include injuries to the jawbone or other facial bones. Much like any other bone, the jawbone needs to be set. Unlike an arm or a leg, your face cannot be placed in a cast. A few ways this injury can be set is with wiring or metal plates and screws. 

Soft Tissue Injuries

Injuries to the teeth can result in soft tissue injuries, such as lacerations. The soft tissues of your face are delicate and contain nerves, glands and ducts that need to be carefully repaired to restore full function. We are experts in the anatomy of your face and will be able to provide you with the best possible results.

Dental Trauma Treatment With Dr. Pollock

At Rockwall Oral Surgery, we can assess the extent of your dental trauma, and take the measures necessary to protect the health of your teeth and mouth!

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