We use the latest technologies to improve patient experience and outcomes. Digital x-rays are an example of such tools.

# Digital X-Rays


X-rays are a common diagnostic tool in dental offices. They are extremely helpful for showing what’s happening in areas of the mouth that cannot otherwise be seen—between your teeth, the roots of your teeth, and the condition of your jawbone. Traditional x-ray technology relies on radiation, and it takes the time to develop the images. At Rockwall Oral Surgery, though, we take advantage of the use of digital x-rays.

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With the help of digital x-rays, we are better able to diagnose your oral health issues and create a treatment plan that will provide you with the best possible results. For more information, call Rockwall Oral Surgery today!

Why Use Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-Rays offer additional benefits that improve our ability to help our patients.

Digital X-rays

Unlike traditional x-rays, which rely on radiation to generate images, digital x-rays rely on electronics. A sensor, which is hooked up to one of our computers, is placed in your mouth. With the simple click of a button, an image is captured. It then appears almost instantly on the computer monitor. We don’t even need to leave the room. We can read your image and discuss the results right there with you, and you can see exactly what we are talking about.

Less Radiation

One of the greatest advantages of digital x-rays is that they use significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays. Up to 95% less, to be exact. If radiation has kept you from getting traditional x-rays in the past, the use of digital x-rays can be a much better alternative.

Manipulation of Images

Traditional x-rays have us taking precious time from your appointment to develop images in a dark room. Thanks to the speed at which images are produced on a computer monitor, that lost time is now given back to you. We can spend more time with you discussing what we find on the x-rays and what treatment options will be the most beneficial. We can take the time needed to help you understand your diagnosis, and answer all of your questions.

More Time Devoted to You

With digital x-rays, we have the ability to manipulate images in a way we never could with traditional x-rays. We can zoom in and enhance images, which allow us to spot small trouble spots before they become something more serious. We can also display images in color or in negative.

Digital Files

Traditional x-rays get stored in a paper file, in among several other pieces of paper. It can get lost or ruined. Digital x-rays, however, can be stored in a digital file. When we need to access the image, all we have to do is click the link within your file. There is no need to dig through a regular folder. We can then display an older image right next to your new image, and make comparisons, making sure that your oral health is progressing.