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Have you ever had dreams about losing your teeth? If you have, you know how terrifying it can be when you wake up in a panic and feel in your mouth to make sure all your precious pearly whites are still intact. What you may not know is just how common that dream is. Several interpretations have popped up over the years trying to explain why we have this dream and what it could mean.

Are You Feeling Anxious?

Anxiety affects everyone differently, but one common symptom most people with anxiety experience is strange dreams. Experts who interpret dreams say that when teeth are involved in a dream, it could symbolize feelings of helplessness or lack of control, which could be making you feel anxious.

Could a Loved One Be Sick or Dying?

A popular Chinese and Native American belief around dreams of tooth loss is that it could be a premonition of the loss of a loved one. Although there is no science to back this up, some cultures still believe this to be true.

Are You Starting Something New?

Change can be stressful. It can also be exciting. One of the most popular interpretations of a dream about losing teeth is that it is a symbol of birth. Whether that is a physical birth of a child or the metaphorical birth of something new in your life, it could be an explanation for this recurring dream.

Sometimes stress and anxiety can affect us at night in our sleep in the form of teeth grinding or jaw clenching. Could it be that you are dreaming about loose teeth or teeth falling out because of the pain you’re experiencing from grinding and clenching your teeth at night? If you think you may be grinding your teeth in your sleep, call your dentist today and ask for a temporomandibular joint disorder evaluation. Teeth grinding can severely damage and even fracture or break your teeth over time, so it’s important to have it addressed as soon as possible.

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