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Dry Socket Got You Down?

So you’ve had your wisdom teeth successfully removed after visiting your dental surgeon and are looking forward to a quick recovery. However, the dread of developing dry sockets is the one thing that’s on your mind. Dry sockets occur when the blood clots that were supposed to help repair your gums following your extraction have come loose or never formed. The lack of blood clots results in exposed sensitive nerve and bone tissue. Following your follow-up visit with your surgeon, if you begin to suffer extreme discomfort, here are five ideas to assist you in finding relief: 

Use salt water to rinse your mouth

Rinsing your mouth with salt water after surgery can help minimize bacteria and edema, whether you have dry sockets or want to avoid them! Patients who did not rinse their mouths with salt water after surgery have been said to have a higher chance of developing dry sockets than those who did. Swishing salt water around for one minute may also help you recover more quickly following surgery.

Use a cold compress

Applying a cold compress to the outside portion of your face may assist relieve your discomfort if you have dry sockets or are experiencing edema. Throughout the day, apply an ice pack to the affected area in 10-minute increments with 10-minute pauses in between. This method is especially beneficial for the first 24 to 72 hours after surgery.

Drink plenty of clear fluids to stay hydrated

After surgery, hydrating with plenty of clear fluids like water or a clear broth could help you prevent pain medication side effects and even resolve a dry socket. Green tea’s anti-inflammatory qualities can also help to relieve tooth discomfort and prevent infection.

After your surgery, avoid certain bad habits

You should avoid specific habits that slow and deter a quick recovery. For example, your doctor may recommend stopping smoking and consuming alcohol because they can slow the healing process as both affect the blood flow in your mouth. It’s also a good idea to avoid drinking through a straw since the pressure can dislodge the blood clot or dressing your oral surgeon has put in place. Foregoing these warnings may result in an extended and painful recovery period.

Try Honey

Many recovering patients have said honey helped alleviate discomfort and reduce inflammation caused by dry sockets. Honey has antibacterial characteristics that can assist in preventing infections, but it can also help prevent reduced blood flow, hindering healing. Dabbing a moistened piece of sterile gauze on the extraction site is the best use of honey. 

While these home remedies may help relieve your discomfort, you should see your oral surgeon if you endure extreme pain and swelling for more than a week after your operation. 

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