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Foods you Should Avoid to Lead a Path to Positive Oral Health 

Having good oral health is crucial. If you can keep up with a daily routine and ensure your diet is healthy, you will feel much better about your teeth. Rockwall Oral Surgery is here to help you find food to avoid to have good oral health and ways to keep up with dental needs to stay on track.  

Food to Avoid to Have Good Oral Health  

Putting your diet first, there should be some foods that you limit to protect your oral health. There are several foods and beverages that can be harmful to your teeth if consumed too often. Here are a few worth mentioning: 

  • Carbonated Beverages – even if you cut out regular soft drinks because of the high sugar content, soda is not suitable for your oral health. The carbonation in soft drinks can erode tooth enamel, even diet sodas. Soda is one of the worst things you can drink when trying to achieve oral health
  • Crunchy Snacks- Potato chips and similar snacks contain starch. The residue can become stuck in and between your teeth. It would be best not to eat these snacks unless you can brush and floss your teeth afterward. 
  • Sticky Foods – some foods get stuck to your teeth, causing bacteria to grow. You will want to avoid candies, dried fruits, and similar products to keep your mouth as clean as possible. 
  • Beverages and Foods that may Stain your teeth- the natural pigment in some foods, such as berries and wine, can stain your teeth. This can also occur from tea or coffee if you drink it regularly. 

What do these foods have in common? 

  • Sugary
  • Acidic
  • Sticky
  • Extremely Hard
  • Highly-Processed

When you are trying to find food to avoid to have good oral health, you should be cautious of everything you eat. Good or bad, it will affect your overall mouth and teeth health. When you are eating something, next time, think twice. We all eat the wrong stuff sometimes, but your teeth are a crucial part of your body that you want to keep for a very long time. We are experienced here at Rockwall Oral Surgery and can help you with any procedure you may need due to poor oral health. However, finding food to avoid to have good oral health is just part of holding up a healthy diet. 

Healthy Alternatives for Oral Health 

  • Almonds, Pecans, and Cashews – Nuts are high in protein and make a great snack.
  • Leafy greens – Kale, collards, and spinach are all nutritious and filling.
  • Unsweetened Tea and Coffee – When enjoying iced tea or coffee in the summer, use a straw to sip. This helps minimize stains on your teeth!
  • Whole Fruit – Apples, pineapples, melons, and pears are all fibrous fruits that make a great snack.
  • Tomatoes and Carrots – Rich in antioxidants and vitamins
  • Chicken, Tofu, and Tempeh – Great low-fat protein sources

Next time you are craving a snack, try one of these! You will most likely feel full and satisfied with tasty goodness instead of the junk you are used to eating. Your mouth will thank you later because your teeth and gums may even feel the difference. 

Rockwall Oral Surgery Can Help! 

If you are struggling with finding food to avoid to have good oral health, we can help. Our professionals can ask you questions based on your diet and develop a plan to help you change your eating habits and ensure you are meeting all your brushing and routine habits for a clean mouth. Do you want to set up a consultation? Call us at (469) 264-8921 or leave us a message online.