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Frequently Asked Questions about Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common procedure for fixing issues with your last set of molars. 

Your dentist may suggest having your wisdom teeth removed because they could be impacted, infected, or come out at the wrong angle. Wisdom teeth extractions can appear to be a bit of a scary procedure, which is why so many people have questions regarding the procedure.

Let’s go over four of some of the most frequently asked questions about wisdom teeth removal!

“Do I Need to Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?”

Wisdom comes out at the back of your mouth and is the one to develop last. Your jaws, however, may not be big enough to accommodate these emerging teeth. The result is that these molars come in at an angle, or don’t fully emerge at times, causing issues.

Your wisdom teeth can damage adjacent teeth and cause overcrowding. When this occurs it is often best to have them removed before they grow further and cause issues within the mouth that can require even more complicated procedures, possibly even surgery. 

“How Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Different From a Regular Extraction?” 

Since wisdom teeth often come in at a more angled position extraction may require a more meticulous procedure. Wisdom teeth usually have multiple roots in irregular shapes, making them more difficult to extract. This is why it is best to detect them early on to avoid future complications.

“How Long Is Recovery for Wisdom Teeth Removal?”

The average amount of rest time that is recommended after this procedure is about 48 hours and full recovery can take up to ten days. However, depending on your condition and the aftercare of the extraction site, the recovery period can be longer or shorter. 

We advise heavily against rigorous physical activity and travel as this can cause distress and can dislodge the blood clot forming at the extraction site, which overall can lead to even more discomfort or even an infection. After the procedure, your dentist will give you step-by-step aftercare instructions and sometimes even pain medications to take home to help with discomfort. 

“Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?”

Wisdom teeth were once very important. The diet of our ancestors consisted of a substantial amount of rough, coarse foods, all of which took a significant amount of chewing. The wisdom teeth aided in breaking down these foods to digest them. Following the invention of cooking, however, food was made softer and easier to chew. The wisdom teeth have essentially become obsolete, but they continue to develop.

Ready To Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth removal can be an uncomfortable and overwhelming procedure, especially after hearing horror stories from other people. However, when your wisdom teeth are impacted, they should be removed right away. Rockwall Oral Surgery can help. Set up a plan to help you feel better about your oral health! Call us at  (469) 264-8921, or leave a message to set up your appointment.