Rockwall Oral Surgery

Getting Back to Normal

Most patients report feeling mostly back to normal on day three after your wisdom teeth extraction, but if you’re still experiencing pain, you will still want to take it easy. Continue to follow post-op instructions from Dr. Pollock, but we’ve outlined what you can expect during the rest of your recovery.

Some patients can head back to school or work three days after their procedure – and that is great if possible, but if you’re not feeling up to it just yet, it’s perfectly normal to rest.

It is typically between Day 3 and Day for that swelling peaks, so don’t panic if you’re a little puffier than you were the first two days after surgery.

Keep in mind the site of your surgical wound is still healing, so it is still important to be careful when eating. Avoid foods that are sticky or crunchy, do not use straws and don’t smoke or chew tobacco (hint: now may be the perfect time to quit altogether).

Avoid heavy-handed brushing and harsh rinsing, which could cause the development of a dry socket. 

Day Four Through Seven 
Typically, by Day 4, most patients are back to their normal activities. We still recommend that you take it as easy as possible and strenuous activities such as weight-lifting and working out, but by now, your pain should be signficantly less. If it hasn’t and you’re noticing the signs of infection such as pus, severe pain and a bad taste in your mouth, call Dr. Pollock immediately.

During Day 5 through 7, you may start to notice that your stitches feel loose, or have come up out have begun dissolving. This is entirely normal and a part of the healing process. Do not pull out your stitches or poke at them – no matter how tempting!

The Next Week

The second week after your wisdom teeth are removed, bruising and swelling have subsided, and your appearance should be nearly back to normal.

Most people are back to work, school and your normal exercise routines. It would be best if you still take care when brushing and rinsing the mouth.

During this period, you’ve should also expect to have a follow-up checkup with Dr. Pollock to make sure everything has healed as it should without complications. If there are stitches remaining, they will be removed.

You may find that your surgery site is tender for a few more weeks; it should not impact your day-to-day life.

Do you have questions about the wisdom teeth extraction procedure or recovery? Call Dr. Pollock in Rockwall, Texas, at (469)264-8921 to schedule a consultation.