Rockwall Oral Surgery


There are many specialties in dentistry. Orthodontia is a specialty in the dental world that specifically treats issues related to the jaws and teeth.

For many individuals, orthodontia is a means to correct abnormalities of the teeth and jaws that they are either unhappy with due to appearance or that they are experiencing pain as a result of. Oral surgeons are able to aid those patients by providing corrective procedures to allow the patients to regain their confidence or live pain free.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgeons are often associated with braces, as braces are a common dental procedure that many individuals have needed. Braces are an important part of what an oral surgeon can do for his patients; however, oral surgeons are experts in their field and can do so much more.

They have put in the time to specialize in orthodontia and have the knowledge and know how to perform corrective procedures for several jaw and teeth issues. These surgical procedures are referred to as oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery.

Some common reasons for oral surgery might include misaligned teeth, malocclusion, pain in the jaws related to TMD, or severe craniofacial problems of the skull and face.

Oral surgery is an invasive procedure and usually requires the patient to be put under anesthesia. The recovery period will vary depending on the procedure, but each patient will receive an at home treatment plan to aid in the recovery process.

Oral surgery is a serious procedure, but is a needed procedure in order to correct problems in the teeth and jaws and maintain good oral health. We are ready and able to help you with any pain or problems you might be having. Contact us today to set up an appointment and let us know how we can help!