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How Long Do Dental Implants Really Take?

Dental implants are one of the most common dental procedures performed today. They offer many benefits, including their use in tooth replacement and dental reconstruction after injury or infection. But you may be wondering how long dental implants take to perform. Dental implants typically require two appointments before surgery can be completed; one for consultation and x-rays, then another for surgery itself. From there, it will take anywhere from 3 months to over a year until your dentist can attach the dental implant posts (which hold your new teeth).

Rockwall Oral Surgery offers comprehensive dental implant placement, including individual implants, multiple implants, and full mouth dental implants through the All-on-4® process or Teeth in a Day treatment. Dr. Kevin Pollock, our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeon has years of experience placing implants to help patients live a more complete and full life.

Dental Exam

You will first schedule a visit with a dental implant dentist like Dr. Pollock. We can perform an exam on your jaw, take x-rays and dental impressions, then make a plan for moving forward with the dental implants. During this consultation appointment you may be asked about any medications or health conditions you have as well as if there are any allergies associated with anesthesia.

Implant Surgery

After you’ve been thoroughly examined by your dentist, they will be able to give you the dental implant surgery timeline for your specific dental implants. This is when they attach posts with dental crowns, bridges, or dentures on top of them inside in your jawbone. They will use a combination of surgical and non-invasive tools such as digital x-rays and computer imaging software to map out the dental implants surgery.

When it comes time to place the implants into your jaw, we offer sedation options, including nitrous oxide, oral sedation, and IV sedation to help you feel comfortable and calm during the treatment. Dr. Pollock will carefully and precisely place the implants into the proper areas of your jaw to restore your mouth. If you choose All-on-4 or Teeth in a Day, we will also be able to give you temporary teeth to wear while your permanent teeth are being created.

Post-Surgery Recovery

After your dental implant surgery, you will be given a follow-up appointment to check on how everything is healing and going post-surgery . During this consultation appointment you may be asked about any medications or health conditions you have as well as if there are any allergies associated with anesthesia.

Abutment & Crown-Fitting

Once dental implants go into the final stage of recovery, they will be tested to see how well they are integrating with your jawbone. After this test is complete and it has been determined that dental implants have healed properly, you will get a crown-fitting appointment where the dental implant abutment screws from inside your mouth.

Healing Process

The recovery for dental implants is not nearly as bad as most people think. You may be prescribed some pain medications and will need to rest for a day or two after the surgery. Eating soft foods or liquids is encouraged for the first few weeks. With proper cleaning and rest, your body will heal within just a few weeks!

And so, the dental implant process is not long at all. If you have dental implants, the process will only take a few short months!

Dental Implants with Dr. Pollock

Dental implants are n innovative dental method to secure your dental bridge or dentures in place. If you are ready for the dental implant process, contact our office today! We will work with you one-on-one and provide exceptional service throughout the entire length of treatment. Contact Dr. Pollock at Rockwall Oral Surgery to schedule a dental implant consultation. We are available by phone at (469) 264-8921 or email at info@dentalimplantsurgery.com.

We look forward to helping you make your dental goals a reality!