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Implant posts that are not fully healed in the gums can easily shift due to the soft tissue around the post that has yet to heal and harden up. This means brushing, flossing, eating, and even smiling should be done with care for the few weeks after having the post put in your mouth.

This is to ensure that the post stays where it needs to while it is healing. It can also become infected when food and other particles end up inside it, this is why keeping it properly cleaned is a must.

Take Care When Brushing and Flossing Around Dental Implant Posts

When you brush and floss following dental implant placement, make sure to do so gently around the post sites. These areas need to be cleaned.

However, doing so gently will help you keep the post in place where it needs to be so you do not have to worry about anything shifting out of place. This shift can cause damage and mean you might have to go through the process of reinserting the implant again.

While flossing, make sure to not get under the implant site. Do so gently and just scrape the teeth to the sides of the site with care. You do not want to apply too much pressure while it is healing. Flossing should be done very gently, as this is the one motion that can cause the most damage if you are too rough while doing so.

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