Rockwall Oral Surgery


After oral surgery your mouth is particularly susceptible to germs and bacteria, which is why it’s so important to clean it properly, and carefully, to prevent infection and to prevent any damage to the area.

The day of your surgery, you should avoid cleaning your mouth altogether. Instead, give your mouth time to heal. Avoid eating anything that could potentially contaminate the surgical site or the rest of your mouth.

After waiting a full 24 hours you can go ahead and start some light cleaning in your mouth. Use a manual toothbrush and clean your mouth with very light strokes. It’s best to do this with a very soft toothbrush and to avoid pressing down too hard or you could do damage to your mouth.

Rinse for Proper Hygiene after Oral Surgery

The day following your oral surgery, you should be rinsing your mouth out frequently. This is to remove any debris and substances that will build throughout the day.

Rinsing is a helpful step to support proper healing. Rinse your mouth five or six times throughout the day using standard warm water or a salt water solution. Be sure to rinse very carefully and to avoid swishing water around your mouth forcefully.

As long as you follow these basic cleaning steps you should have no trouble maintaining proper hygiene in your mouth after oral surgery. If you are in need of oral surgery, or you have other questions about oral hygiene, feel free to come in to see us or talk with our oral surgeons about how to maintain your mouth after surgery.

You should heal up properly in just a few days, though some swelling and discomfort is expected for a week or so after surgery. Just keep taking your medicine and treating your mouth with care during this time.