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How To Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Thanksgiving

Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and pumpkin pie — Oh my! With all of the traditional Thanksgiving mouth-watering dishes and desserts, it can be easy to indulge in every and any dish without thinking of the consequences they can hold for our gums and teeth. 

Practicing good oral hygiene is beneficial all year round, but can be especially helpful on special holidays such as Thanksgiving. So before you scoop that extra bit of cranberry sauce or pour that glass of wine, take a look at some of our tips for keeping your teeth healthy and happy during your Thanksgiving feast.

  1. Avoid The Sticky Sugar– Thanksgiving sides and desserts can be a dreamland for those with a sweet tooth. As delicious as they may be, avoiding sweet, sticky sugar during your meal can help prevent cavities and bacteria from feasting right back on your teeth.
  2. Avoid Acidic Foods– While you may be a fan of the endless wine flowing at your Thanksgiving meal, your teeth will not be. Both acidic food and drinks can be tough on your enamel that may cause your chances of getting cavities to rise. 
  3. Keep The Floss Close– To avoid getting those pesky bits of food stuck in your teeth when moving from meal to meal, appetizer to dessert, keep your floss handy to remove any stuck foods while also removing any plaque build-up.
  4. Skip Stain-Causing Foods– Our eyes can be easily drawn to bright, colorful foods on the Thanksgiving table but it can leave our teeth quite the opposite. In fact, eating brightly colorful foods such as cranberries, blueberries or even an after-meal coffee can leave the teeth looking dull and stained. Try to avoid these foods if possible and drinks lots of water in between.
  5. Fill Your Plate With Veggies– Even though savory foods aren’t often known to be bad for your teeth, it can act just like sugar and be a feeding ground for cavity-causing bacteria. Instead of sides like cornbread, try filling your plate with leafy greens that are high in calcium and good for creating strong teeth.

If you’ve eaten your way through the day and you’re still unsure if you’ve done enough to protect your teeth, make an appointment with your dental hygienist and speak with them about the various different things you can do to maintain good oral health during the holiday season and all year round. 

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