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How To Prevent a Dental Emergency

No one ever wants to have a dental emergency interrupt their day. In most emergencies, an individual will experience extreme oral pain, bleeding, or permanent tooth loss. Dental emergencies can happen suddenly, like getting hit in the mouth with a ball during a soccer game or move slowly under the radar until one can’t ignore it anymore. So, how can one protect their mouth and teeth from dental emergencies? We’ve pieced together a list of ways that patients can aim to prevent a dental emergency from occurring.

What is Considered an Emergency?

First, we must identify a dental emergency because not everything we think is an emergency truly is. For instance, a toothache, while painful, is not an emergency. It will need addressing, but this issue can wait for an appointment without severe symptoms like swelling. Common dental emergencies include a cracked or chipped tooth, a knocked-out tooth, and an abscessed tooth. 

Avoid Potential Dental Emergencies

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene: The best way to prevent dental emergencies is to always stay on top of good oral hygiene. Aside from brushing and flossing, individuals should always stay up to date with their routine dental appointments. While many people can notice apparent changes within the mouth, your dentist may see signs of something more severe that the patient missed. 

Avoid Certain Foods: We all have heard our parents at one time or another say that candy was terrible for our teeth. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a lie that our parents told us so that we wouldn’t eat candy. 

Protective Sealants: Food debris can get trapped in the grooves of the teeth and cause increased plaque and harmful bacteria. Typically, children get their teeth sealed as a preventative care option. However, sealants can also be an excellent option for those who may have a more challenging time properly brushing and flossing their teeth.

Call Dr. Pollock Today

One can only avoid dental emergencies so much. There may be times in an individual’s life that one occurs against all of their hard work. If a dental emergency occurs, you can call Dr. Pollock today at Rockwall Oral Surgery to schedule an appointment. To contact our team or learn more about what is considered an emergency, please reach out to us at (469) 264-8921 or via email info@dentalimplantsurgery.com. We look forward to answering your questions!