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How You Can Make Teeth Brushing Fun for Kids

Teaching oral hygiene to your children can never be done too early. Encouraging them to begin investing in their health will prove to be extremely beneficial as they begin to age. Unfortunately, getting them to invest their time into their hygiene can prove to be a challenge. To remedy this, try putting together a few fun ways to entice your children to enjoy their time brushing their teeth at the sink.

Get Kids Involved in The Process

As we know, children love getting new toys and gifts from the store. Including your children in the process that comes before the actual brushing, such as choosing their toothbrush or toothpaste flavor, may get them more excited about using their new goodies when it comes time to brush their teeth.

Add Music to Your Routine

Listening to music has so many benefits for individuals, both young and old. Perhaps one of the best benefits of listening to music while doing an activity is the ability to improve memory and focus. If you play your child’s favorite song during their brushing routine, not only may they have more fun acting out the process, but they also can better retain what they need to do. 

Brush Your Teeth Together

Monkey see monkey do! This act may sound simple, but we suggest brushing your teeth with your children. You can adequately teach them the right technique and length of time when showing them precisely what you do to brush your teeth effectively. Keep an eye on them to make sure they’re paying attention to you.

Practice With a Toy

We all know that kids love to play pretend. Take advantage of this fact by using their favorite toy or stuffed animal and an extra toothbrush to have them brush the teeth of their special toys. Once they’ve cleaned their toy’s teeth, you can transition them into then taking care of theirs. If kids feel as though it’s an extension of their playtime, it will make them more apt to be interested in their oral health.

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