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A woman is getting dental sedation for a dental procedure.

Is Dental Sedation for Me?

Dental anxiety or fear of the dentist is felt by over 75 percent of adults. For many, the fear is so intense they avoid attending the dentist altogether. Although the fear and anxiety people may feel regarding going to the dentist, there is hope. Dental sedation is available at our office for those needing to find relief from dental anxiety.

Is Dental Sedation Right For Me?

There are many reasons why a person is afraid of going to the dentist. Some people dislike the sounds of dental tools, and some are nervous about dental pain. Regardless of the reasoning for avoiding the dentist, there are a few questions one can ask themself to determine if sedation is right for them.

Questions to Ask:

  • Does thinking about the dentist make cause feelings of nervousness?
  • Does an upcoming dental appointment invoke intense fear?
  • Is sitting still for long periods of time difficult?
  • Is there a lot of dental work to be done?
  • How long will the dental procedures take?
  • Is there extreme teeth sensitivity?
  • Is there an overactive gag reflex?

Types of Sedation

A person can receive various types of sedation at a dental office for different oral procedures or surgeries.

Sedation options at Rockwall Oral Surgery include:

  • Minimal
  • Moderate
  • Deep
  • General

Minimal sedation is excellent for general dental needs, such as a check-up or follow-up appointment. A person will feel complete relaxation while remaining awake.

Moderate sedation will make a person feel more tired than minimal sedation, and individuals might experience amnesia following the procedure.

Deep sedation places patients between consciousness and unconsciousness. Individuals might be given deep sedation for procedures that take more time or for appointments that require more time.

General anesthesia will make a person fall asleep without recollection of the surgery or procedure. Patients will receive general anesthesia for impacted wisdom teeth removal or full mouth reconstruction operations.

Dental Sedation With Dr. Pollock

Dental sedation allows individuals with fear or anxiety of the dentist to attend appointments and be at ease and comfortable during their visit. Contact the team at Rockwall Oral Surgery to discuss sedation options.

Ready to make your dental goals a reality? Our team is eager to assist our patients with personalized dental surgery options and treatments. Contact Dr. Pollock at Rockwall Oral Surgery to schedule a dental appointment. We are available by phone at (469) 264-8921 or email at info@dentalimplantsurgery.com.

We look forward to helping people find relief from their dental anxiety!