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Gum chewing does lead to increased jaw pain when you are chewing gum for a long period of time. This repetitive movement of the jaw can cause problems. It is important that if you are having pain in your jaw from chewing to speak with our dental professionals regarding it. We can recommend the best course of action and treatment plan to help your jaw pain.

Chewing and Jaw Pain

There may be underlying reasons for having this jaw pain. We will recommend that you stop chewing the gum if possible. This is because it is causing further problems in the jaw. When we treat the underlying cause of the jaw pain, this can help the jaw better heal and stop the pain that the person feels while chewing.

While chewing gum is not a cause for the jaw pain, it can be a cause that is making the jaw pain much worse than it has to be. This is why, if the person is experiencing any sort of jaw pain while chewing, it is best to refrain from the chewing that is causing the problem. Sticking with soft, easy to chew and eat foods is recommended.

Jaw pain doesn’t have to be because of something serious. There are other issues that can cause the jaw to hurt. These issues should be addressed by our office so that you can feel much more comfortable while eating or chewing anything, especially food that is needed to survive.

Speak with us today regarding the jaw pain you’re feeling. This is because you want to ensure that you’re getting the necessary help that is needed. In addition to this, it is important to let us know any other pain you’re having when you’re eating, chewing, talking, yawning, or anything else with your mouth and jaw.