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The application of ice or cold compress is often mentioned as a primary care after oral surgery as it helps to reduce swelling and ease the patient’s discomfort.

Studies have shown that when cold compress is administered after oral surgery to facilitate the lowering of the skin temperature to about 10 Celsius – 15 Celsius, it significantly helps in reducing inflammation.

Physiological studies also reveal that application of ice also results in vasoconstriction which inhibits the growth of bacteria and in the diminished pain perception which helps relieve pain.

Recovery Journey After Oral Surgery

If you have undergone oral surgery to address impacted wisdom teeth, you should be mindful of post-operative healing practices to ensure a successful recovery. As mentioned above, you should apply ice or cold compress to the side of your mouth to reduce swelling and prevent bruising. Keep the cold compress for 20 minutes and rest for at least 20 minutes before applying again.

You should also limit your mouth activity such as eating, drinking, and talking immediately after surgery. Getting enough rest afterward is also recommended and to avoid any physical activity, especially those involving the use of heavy machinery. You should also refrain from spitting too much for the first 24 hours. For temporary mouth care, you can simply rinse using a diluted mouthwash after 12 hours.

If you are concerned about what to eat, you don’t have to worry since you can still eat, but your diet should be limited to soft foods and lots of fluids initially. Your menu can include eggs, gelatin, mashed potatoes, liquified meat, fruits, and vegetables, and many others. Just make sure to not disrupt the blood clotting process as it is responsible for stopping the bleeding.

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