Rockwall Oral Surgery


Do you know the difference between an everyday, run of the mill toothache and an oral abscess? Most people do not. It is very important that everyone understand the symptoms of an abscess because if it does not get proper treatment, it can lead to a wide range of problems.

If you for any reason suspect that you may have an abscess, you need to call our offices immediately. We need to have you come in so we can check, and if you do have one, begin treatment.

What is the Big Deal About an Oral Abscess?

An oral abscess is like a toothache on steroids. It is an infection, typically within the tooth, but sometimes within other oral tissues. This infection is dangerous, as it is quickly able to spread into your blood, which can put the infection anywhere in your body.

If you leave an abscess and it does not get treated, it can result in an infection of your blood, your heart, your lungs, or even your brain.

Symptoms of an abscess are similar to a standard toothache in that you often have a toothache as the first symptom. However, the abscess keeps going from there. You will often have swelling near the painful area, and the skin or tissue feels warm to the touch. You will likely also develop a fever. This is when you need to worry. If you do not get treatment, your infection could spread.

Abscesses are nothing to ignore or fool around with. With treatment, you can easily make a full recovery, and sometimes, will not have to lose the tooth that had the initial infection. However, that requires immediate treatment. Call us right away if you think you may have an oral abscess in your mouth. It is never safe to wait and see.