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Making Your Oral Surgeries Safer and More Comfortable with Sedation

Dental fear is a common phobia many Americans have, and fear of surgery often keeps those in need of restorative treatments from getting the care they actually need to be healthy. We understand your fear and apprehension, but want you to know that most dental problems do not get better on their own…they actually will get worse! So to make your treatments easier for you, Rockwall Oral Surgery offers sedation options to block sensations of pain and help you relax before and during your treatments.

Relaxation is Important

Making the decision to improve your oral health is an important step towards creating a better you, but if you need help with fear or anxiety, we encourage you to speak with our team to discuss sedation options. Dental sedation will help you relax and can block discomfort, meaning you won’t feel much pain at all. Many of our patients report only feeling a slight pressure in their mouth, and those who choose IV sedation, often don’t remember their treatments happening at all!

Our Sedation Options

  • Nitrous Oxide

Often called “laughing gas” nitrous oxide is great for patients who are receiving a minor treatment like tooth extraction. Nitrous oxide will help you feel calm and relaxed during your appointments so you can get the care you need. Nitrous oxide is administered via a mask worn over the nose during your care. After treatment, you will quickly recover from the effects of the sedation,

  • Oral Sedation

This level of sedation will put patients into a dream-like state. You’ll feel calm and comfortable, but still be able to respond to commands from Dr. Pollock. Oral sedation is administered via a pill taken before the treatment occurs. After treatment, you will need to have a ride back home.

  • IV Sedation

The ultimate in sedation offered at Rockwall Oral Surgery. This level of sedation makes most patients not remember their treatment at all. They feel as if they fall asleep and wake up with all the work completed! IV sedation is administered via a needle directly into the bloodstream. After your treatment, you will need someone to take you home.

Get Dental Care Without Worry!

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