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Not Your Father’s Dentures

Gone are the days of traditional, old-timey dentures. Maybe you remember one of your parents or grandparents and their experience wearing dentures. Then you’re familiar with the look, prosthetic teeth soaking on the nightstand or on the bathroom sink.  There’s the worrying they’re going to fall out, the frustration with denture sores or the embarrassment about how they affect your speech. These aren’t the kinds of things you should have to concern yourself with when it comes to your teeth.

Rockwall Oral Surgery offers a variety of options for implant supported dentures. This style of denture relieves the typical day-to-day anxieties synonymous with denture wearing to provide a worry-free experience for wearers.

Implant Supported Dentures

  • Fixed Implant Supported Dentures – affixed permanently in place with screws
  • Bar Retained Dentures – a bar connects your implants and the dentures snap into place
  • All-on-4® – false teeth are supported by only four implants, usually reserved for situations in which patients have suffered some bone loss

The features provided by implant supported dentures can relieve some of your anxieties about needing them. No glass of teeth on the counter and no need to worry about them falling out at family dinner. They can be permanently attached like real teeth or snap in and out if you prefer. Now you have options.

Traditional Dentures

  • Stay in place via suction
  • Need to be taken out every night
  • Need to be replaced every seven years

Why Choose Implant Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are more comfortable. Your jaw changes shape over time and because traditional dentures are just a prosthetic, over time they begin to not fit as well until eventually they lose their ability to suction entirely. Once they’ve lost their ability to fit properly, traditional dentures begin to move around on your gums and the resulting friction causes denture sores. 

Skip the antiquated routine of soaking your teeth every night and regain your confidence because implant supported dentures are like getting your teeth back.

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