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Orthognathic Surgery Offers Hope!

Are you searching for a solution to correct your jaw, teeth defect, or obstructive sleep apnea issues? Rockwall Oral Surgery can help you find a procedure to repair these issues. In an orthognathic surgery, we talk you through the steps and ensure you are comfortable the entire time. First, we take a look at your jaw to see what we are working with, and then we will take images of your mouth and X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs if needed. 

From there, we develop a treatment plan that best suits your needs. Every step of the way, we talk you through our process, so you understand why we are doing what needs to be done to your mouth for your oral health. Understanding your procedure is essential and trusting us to help you is crucial for any dental work you want to be done. Orthognathic Surgery can improve your jaw and the overall functions of your everyday mouth use. 

A History of Orthognathic Surgery 

Orthognathic Surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, is a procedure that is aimed at a variety of dental and facial skeletal issues. With that, the term “orthognathic” comes from the Greek words “orthos,” or to straighten, and “gnathic,” which means the jaw. 

At Rockwall Oral Surgery, orthognathic surgery can be anything from wisdom teeth extraction to facial reconstruction surgery. We specialize in orthognathic surgery and can repair your dental and jaw issues for the proper function of your mouth. 

The Benefits in an Orthognathic Surgery 

  • Alleviation of jaw pain
  • Simple tasks, like eating and speaking, become easy again
  • With your teeth and jaw properly aligned, your digestion is improved, which then improves your overall health
  • Your sleep is improved so that you will experience less daytime drowsiness
  • Improved appearance, which can then lead to more confidence

Is Orthognathic Surgery the Procedure for you? 

It can be nerve-racking thinking about surgery, but knowing the benefits can help! Trust that Orthognathic surgery might be right for you, and afterward, your jaw should feel better, and you will look better than ever before. At Rockwall Oral Surgery, we can provide you with sedation, depending on what type of surgery. Sedation should help you relax and remain comfortable throughout the procedure.  

The length of your procedure will depend on how much work needs to be done. Usually, our procedures are about a few hours long. We make incisions to gain access to the bone. We can add bone, remove bone or reshape bone, depending on what needs to be done. Every procedure is different for each patient to ensure their jaw gets the correct care. 

Don’t Live in Jaw Pain Call Rockwall Oral Surgery Today! 

If you are ready to take on surgery and start feeling better, reach out to us here at Rockwall Oral Surgery and schedule your consultation. Let us help you start your journey to better your oral health. You can call us at (469) 264-8921 or contact us online.