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So, you’re feeling extremely nervous about your upcoming procedure to remove your wisdom tooth or multiple wisdom teeth? The good news is a bit of anxiety about dental procedures is normal – many people experience some form of anxiety when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction.

While many are concerned about being under anesthesia, others are wary of the surgical procedure itself. Some can’t imagine what the healing process after the procedure will be like, and that becomes the main source of their anxiety. Whatever the source of your wisdom tooth extraction anxiety, Dr. Pollock and the experienced Rockwall Oral Surgery team will help ease your worries.

Understanding the Procedure

Learning about your fears is the first step toward overcoming them and easing your anxiety. The same applies to wisdom tooth extraction anxiety. Here at Rockwall Oral Surgery, we believe in keeping patients informed about surgical procedures as the first step in allaying their fears. We’ll help you understand the removal process so you know what this really entails.

Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to as well. We are happy to help you learn as much as you need to feel comfortable and informed before your surgery.

Use Relaxation to Ease Your Anxiety

Every person has a unique way to relax, and finding your own will help you ease your wisdom tooth extraction anxiety. These can include listening to music, meditating, writing in a journal or simply taking a walk. Our specialist staff understands how most people feel about this procedure and will be compassionate to help you go through this easily with our pre-surgery preparations.

Follow the Aftercare Instructions

If recovery is what is giving you the most anxiety, you’ll be happy to know that we will give you specific instruction on how to handle your recovery. Most people who have to deal with wisdom tooth extraction anxiety are concerned about things that could go wrong. While you can rely on our credibility, expertise and the wealth of our experience, it also pays to follow the necessary guidelines and instructions to heal.

For instance, you’ll be required to avoid eating or drinking in the six hours preceding the surgery. By paying attention to this and other instructions, you can rest assured that the extraction procedure, as well as the recovery process, will be much less stressful.

For additional information about dealing with wisdom tooth extraction anxiety, having the procedure or any related oral health issue, you can schedule a visit or contact Dr. Pollock and the Rockwall Oral Surgery team at (469)264-8921.