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Recovery After Wisdom Teeth Removal

At some point, most of us undergo minor surgery to remove wisdom teeth. Although wisdom teeth removal is usually a quick and easy procedure, it often takes several days for the surgical areas to heal before you can return to your normal daily routine.

Wisdom Teeth removal can be scary for some people but it’s not! Here is what you can expect when recovering from wisdom teeth removal.

First Hours of Recovery

Bleeding is normal and expected after your surgery. You will need to bite down on gauze and avoid speaking to stop bleeding after your procedure. Swollen cheeks are also normal following wisdom teeth extractions. Holding bags of ice to the sides of your face at regular intervals helps to bring swelling down.

First 24 Hours

Any suction or spitting can prevent wisdom teeth extraction sites from properly clotting and healing. As a result, you could inadvertently pull stitches or reopen those partially healed sockets. For the first 24 hours following your surgery, avoid brushing your teeth, swishing water in your mouth, and spitting. If you do wash your mouth with water, allow it to fall out afterward rather than spitting it out.

Rest is Essential

Without giving your mouth sufficient time to heal, you could accidentally reopen wounds at the extraction site and delay recovery. You should plan to take several days off from school, work, or strenuous activities after your surgery. In a best-case scenario, you could be well on your way to healing after three or four days. However, if your wisdom teeth were impacted, you will need to rest even longer.

First Week

You will need to avoid hard, crunchy, or hot foods and drinks for at least seven days to avoid irritating your mouth. Soft foods such as yogurt, smoothies, or ice cream are the best food choices for the first 24 hours. After a day, you can progress to other soft foods such as pasta, potatoes, and eggs that are at a moderate temperature.

Recovery Made Easy With Dr. Pollock

Wisdom teeth removal is often necessary and generally common for many people to prevent overcrowding, infections, and further oral health complications. If you follow our oral surgeon’s advice for recovery, your mouth will heal quickly, and you will likely be able to drink and eat normally in a couple of weeks!

At Rockwall Oral Surgery we use the latest technology in oral surgery to keep your smile healthy. Contact our team to discuss your treatment plan for wisdom teeth removal.

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