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A man is eating after healing from a full mouth reconstruction surgery.

Rehabilitate Your Mouth

Dental rehabilitation is possible for individuals with broken, missing, worn, or otherwise damaged teeth. This type of dental surgery will provide an individual with a full mouth reconstruction to provide relief from dental pain or other dental issues like teeth grinding. Dental reconstruction is a treatment option that allows people to obtain the dental and facial appearance they’ve been wanting to achieve.

Why Full Mouth Reconstruction?

An individual suffering from severe jaw or facial pain could be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction. During this dental surgery, a dental surgeon will rebuild the upper and lower jaws, fix oral health problems, and replace any missing or damaged teeth. 

Although dental reconstruction is a possible treatment option for those wishing to obtain dental rehabilitation and full functionality of their mouth and jaw, a dental surgeon will need to perform a thorough examination to determine candidacy

To be a candidate for full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Pollock will perform an examination. If other treatment plans cannot adequately correct the health of a person’s mouth and jaws, Dr.Pollock will recommend dental reconstruction.

A dental surgeon will provide an individual with a dental makeover to improve the appearance and health of the jaws and mouth.

Dental Rehabilitation Through Dental Surgery

Dental rehabilitation creates a healthy and aesthetically pleasing smile. Moreover, with bone replacement or reshaping, a person will gain bone and jaw strength. The improvement in dental strength allows people to eat, drink, and talk without pain. Difficulties with chewing will disappear, and instead, the individual will be smiling and beaming with newfound confidence.

Find the face and smile that has been in dreams with the assistance of Dr. Pollock! Live a pain-free life with help from an experienced dental surgeon and show off the you that you’ve been hiding away.

Dental Reconstruction With Dr. Pollock

Full mouth reconstruction allows individuals with jaw pain or malformations to live pain-free. Dental surgery aids people in finding relief from their symptoms and provides dental rehabilitation so individuals can achieve the facial look of their dreams.

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We look forward to helping people find relief from their dental pain!