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Self Oral Cancer Screening Advice

Rockwall Oral Surgery is here to share some tips on performing a self-evaluation on yourself to ensure you do not have oral cancer. We want you to learn its causes, what it can look like, and more. It is essential that patients know what could be keeping them in pain. Please get in touch with us if you have questions about the process of looking for oral cancer at home. 

Oral Pre-Cancers and Cancers 

  • White spots with sharply defined borders from the normal tissue
  • Red spots with sharply defined borders from the normal tissue
  • Ulcers (open sores) that do not heal within two weeks
  • Lumps or bumps growing out of the tissue

Highest Risk Areas 

  1. Sides and under the surface of the tongue
  2. The floor of the mouth (part of the mouth under your tongue where the tongue rests)
  3. Soft palate and back of the throat 

Self Oral Cancer Screening 

  • Examining your mouth for signs of oral pre-cancer or cancer is the process.
  • Wash your hands and have a small flashlight handy.
  • Remove any dentures or appliances so you can see all tissues in the mirror.

Examine the external surface of your lips, pull your lips out and examine all inside surfaces and gums. 

Look at the inside of your cheeks with your flashlight, then feel those areas with your fingers. 

Look at the floor of your mouth (beneath your tongue) with your flashlight. Feel the floor of your mouth with your finger. 

Stick out your tongue, and examine the top, sides, and under the surface using your flashlight. Feel all of these areas with your fingers.

Look at your soft palate and the back of your throat with your flashlight. (Do not stick your tongue out when you do this, it will get in the way of seeing the back of your throat)

Contact Rockwall Oral Surgery For A Follow-Up 

If you believe you have done everything you can at home and still find symptoms of oral cancer, reach out to us at Rockwall Oral Surgery, and we will set up a consultation for you. There is no reason to live in fear. Get your answers today and set up a plan to help you feel better about your oral health! Call us at  (469) 264-8921, or leave a message to set up your appointment.