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Teeth Problem. Woman Feeling Tooth Pain needing extraction

Signs That A Tooth Needs to Be Extracted

Overall good oral health and hygiene can help you keep your natural teeth happy and healthy for a lifetime, but there may come a time when your dentist may recommend that a tooth extraction may be the only option. 

This would mean that there is no other way to prevent further health issues from spreading in your mouth is to completely remove a tooth. There can be several reasons why your dentist may recommend a tooth extraction, so here are just a few. 

When Should a Tooth Be Extracted?

A tooth should be extracted when it becomes infected, damaged, or is suffering from decay that is beyond repair. When a tooth cannot be repaired with a filling or crown because of either decay or even trauma to the area from an accident, an extraction may be the only option.

When a tooth is decayed or damaged, it can no longer stay in the mouth as it can become a concern for infections to spread throughout the mouth. Also, impacted wisdom teeth can occur when there is a lack of room for the wisdom teeth to fully come in, which causes them to grow sideways and possibly damage other teeth. This can cause jaw pain, overcrowding, and possibly even infections. 

Other Reasons Teeth Need to be Extracted

As we had said earlier, there are several reasons why teeth need to be extracted. We have gone through prominent issues that occur that result in teeth extraction, but here are a few other reasons why teeth need to be extracted: 

  • Extra teeth that are blocking other teeth from coming in.
  • If baby teeth do not fall out in time let permanent teeth come through.
  •  Create room for teeth that are being moved into place with braces.

Teeth Extraction with Rockwall Oral Surgery

No one wants their teeth pulled, we get it. However, if you do, it is nothing to stress about! We are here to help you feel more comfortable about your procedures and help you find solutions to a healthier oral future! Keeping your teeth clean and in place is our priority for all our patients!

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