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Surely Pearly Whites

If you’re like many of us, your morning starts with a cup of coffee. It should be no surprise that consistent coffee drinking negatively affects the color and brightness of your smile. But coffee isn’t the only perpetrator in our eternal battle for perfect teeth. Other things that can discolor your pearly whites include: tea, red wine, foods with dyes, and tobacco consumption. It could go beyond anything that you eat or drink though too. Losing your brightness can be caused from intrinsic discoloration where color is affected from within the tooth. Things like medication use, childhood illness, infection, tooth trauma, and aging can also take away from your ideal tooth color.

Being unsatisfied with the whiteness of your teeth is normal. Your smile affects the way you look and impacts other people’s first impression of you. White teeth portray cleanliness and good dental hygiene, even though this might not necessarily be the case. Either way, if you’re unsatisfied with the color of your smile teeth whitening has probably made its way into your search history.

Teeth Whitening Options

Today on the tooth whitening market, it seems like an endless supply of options exist. Which, understandably, can lead to some confusion about what the best option for you is. 

  1. Tooth whitening products sold over-the-counter. These are things that can be obtained without your dentist’s approval like tooth whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, gels, and strips. Because they’re obtained over-the-counter, these products have a limited impact on the shade of white that can be obtained using them.
  2. Provided to you by your dentist to use at home. These options are prescription grade and therefore are prescribed at the discretion of your dentist. Typically, take-home treatments are used with a custom-made whitening tray.
  3. In-office procedures. An in-office procedure has the added benefit of expert supervision and the expertise of a professional. Having your tooth whitening procedure conducted in-office can be a better option for people with sensitive teeth and the process can sometimes be sped up using a special light or heat source.

It should be noted that consulting with your family dentist about your tooth whitening intentions and aspirations is strongly recommended. Some products available may not be suitable for your teeth and in the best interest of your overall dental health. An improperly used teeth whitening paste, gel, or strip can make your teeth very sensitive or damage your gums.

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