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Surprising Sources of Tooth Damages

Your teeth are pretty strong. After all, they are covered in enamel, the hardest substance in your body. But, that does not mean they are impervious to damage or decay. In reality, your teeth are under constant attack from fractures, chips and bacteria that cause cavities. Other threats are lurking ready to damage your teeth, but some may surprise you because they are things you probably come in contact with regularly when you eat! Find out what foods are not the best for your pearly whites in this blog. 


Do you love to crunch on ice? Crunching ice is a common — and cringe-worthy — habit, and not just because the sound of it that can grate on the nerves. We’re talking about the potential for damage that chewing on ice can bring, such as chips, cracks and fractures. Ouch! This is because ice is very hard and can hurt your enamel, especially if the enamel is already damaged by wear and tear, enamel erosion or tooth grinding. Skip chewing on ice (even the good ice from Sonic!) to help keep your teeth intact. 


You’re probably reading this and saying, “No kidding, candies are bad for your teeth because they’re full of sugar!” But this isn’t the only reason candy is dangerous. Chewing on hard candy is also a bad idea for the same reason chewing on ice is — it can damage your enamel. 

And hard candy is not the only culprit. Soft and chewy candies and sour candies can also leave you at risk of tooth damage. This is because of the sugar and high levels of citric acid that can cause enamel erosion. 


What? Bread? Yes, we love bread, rolls, pastries and other carby deliciousness like you do, but bread and other baked goods can damage your teeth. Bread is full of starch that breaks down into sugar in the presence of saliva, and sugar can negatively impact your enamel. And, bread and other carb-heavy foods stick to your teeth when you chew them, making them even more dangerous for your enamel. 


Do you love to sip on soda? You may want to reach for water instead. This is because sodas are high in acid, which is very damaging to your teeth. So, even those sugar-free sodas can be problematic. 


Love citrus fruits and juices? While these foods are healthy and good for boosting your immune system, you should know that their natural sugars can be damaging to teeth. These fruits are also high in acid, which again can damage your enamel. 

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