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No one likes the sounds of the words impacted teeth. It gives people an image of pain and dental problems.

There are ways to solve the problems associated with impacted teeth, but that means a person has to know if they are dealing with this issue. That means they have to learn the signs and symptoms associated with impacted teeth.

The Obvious Signs

There are some symptoms of impacted teeth that are very obvious. When you see these, you should contact our offices to get help as soon as possible.

• Swelling of the gums or around the jaw
• Bleeding gums
• Bad Breath
• Unpleasant tastes in mouth

The most obvious sign is pain. Pain can occur at the site of the impacted tooth or it can occur in the jaw. These symptoms are a sign that not only is the tooth impacted, but there is also a risk of infection.

Impacted teeth do not always any signs or symptoms. Most of these signs show up when the impacted teeth become infected or diseased. It is also possible for the teeth to grow in without becoming impacted. If the teeth are healthy and strong, no treatment is needed.

Treatment and Prevention

The most common way to treat impacted teeth is through extraction. It will eliminate the problems associated with the impacted teeth and infection. There is no way to prevent impacted teeth, but there are things that can help prevent problems from happening due to impacted teeth.

Our dental professionals can provide help recognizing the possibility of impacted teeth when you come in for your regular cleaning and checkups. X-rays performed during the checkups can spot impacted teeth before they become a problem.

Impacted teeth can cause many different problems if they are left untreated. Besides the pain and swelling, they put a person at risk for problems with their gums and other teeth. We do not recommend eve ignoring the signs of impacted teeth or any other dental problems.

Contact our dental professionals to schedule your regular checkups or to help with any other issues you may have.