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Teeth In a Day!

Yes, you read that right! Dentures were once the go-to solution for dealing with tooth loss. While still popular today, dentures can cause a slew of issues. Maintaining them necessitates a tremendous amount of effort. They can become dislodged and brush on your gums, causing painful sores. In addition, they will no longer fit when your jaw changes form, causing discomfort and necessitating replacement. Implants have become a popular choice for restoring missing teeth due to developments in dental technology. While implants are typically completed over several sessions, Rockwall Oral Surgery can speed up the process with the All-On-4® Treatment Concept, restoring your beautiful smile considerably faster.

Dental implants with All-On-4® may provide several advantages: 

  • Fewer Visits: You have a hectic schedule, and having to interrupt it to make appointments regularly can be inconvenient. With All on 4®, this isn’t an issue. 
  • Faster and more precise surgery: With the capacity to plan your operation using technology, your surgery may very well be faster and more accurate. 
  • Less downtime: After surgery, there could be less pain, swelling, and bruising. 
  • More comfortable: Because the implants, rather than your gums, support your replacement teeth, they have been said to be more pleasant than traditional dentures. 
  • More durable: All-On-4® dentures are more sturdy than traditional dentures, which might slip out of position (mainly when your jaw changes shape). The implants keep them in place and prevent them from slipping or falling out. 
  • Less maintenance: Replacement teeth are easier to care for than dentures since one may brush them just like natural teeth.
  • More Realistic: Your jaw’s titanium rods resemble the roots of your natural teeth. As a result, the jawbone’s integrity will be retained.

What is the procedure for All-On-4® dental implants? 

Many tooth replacement options necessitate several visits before you can receive your new set of teeth. Instead of requiring multiple visits before receiving permanent replacement teeth, this technique allows you to leave the office with completely functional, permanent teeth. 

How do you ask? At Rockwall Oral Surgery, we employ cutting-edge technology to scan your mouth and create a three-dimensional image. Then, before your operation, we employ imaging and virtual reality technologies to plan your procedure. Your doctor can also use the imaging to construct your new teeth using CAD/CAM technology. As a result, the complete restoration will be ready and waiting for you once your doctor completes the surgery.

Is All-On-4® the right treatment for me? 

If you’ve lost many teeth, All-On-4® could be the best tooth-replacement option for you. We can permanently replace entire arches of missing teeth with a complete arch prosthesis supported by only four dental implants thanks to All-On-4®. With All-On-4®, one can replace all teeth with a permanent, dental implant-supported prosthesis for a fraction of the cost of single dental implant replacement choices.

Change your smile (and your life) today! 

You don’t have to settle for dentures when you experience tooth loss. At Rockwall Oral Surgery in Rockwall, TX, we are dedicated to helping our patients live a better, more pleasant life. Schedule your appointment today by calling us at (469)757-4433. Don’t wait any longer! You deserve to feel good again.