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The Difference Between a Dentist and Oral Surgeon

When it comes to the dental industry, there are many options that patients can choose from depending on their needs. Individuals need to know the differences between each of the dental providers. To help with the differentiation between these two dental professions, Dr. Pollock at Rockwall Oral Surgery is here to help.

What Do Dentists Do?

Let’s begin with what a general dentist is. General dentists can perform any dental procedure that they are comfortable with. However, it is typical for dentists to refer patients to an oral surgeon for more complicated procedures or out of their schooling knowledge. Dentists often perform a few standard procedures: dental fillings, extractions, crown placements, and root canals.

What Do Oral Surgeons Do?

An oral surgeon takes part in a specialized form of dentistry. During the schooling that oral surgeons undergo, they are typically exposed to more complicated scenarios and complications. For dental procedures that may include sedation, it is typical for oral surgeons to receive this patient. Due to this experience, oral surgeons can provide dental implant placement, soft tissue biopsies, and jaw alignment surgeries.

Who Should I See?

What dental professional a patient should go to depends on their needs and whether their dentist can do specific procedures. While general dentists can handle simple procedures and dental care, it may be beneficial to see an oral surgeon for any in-depth procedure. Suppose you are not sure whether your dentist is capable of the oral procedure needed. In that case, we suggest you speak with them about their experience with the issue and inquire about using an oral surgeon instead.

Dr. Pollock, Oral Surgeon

To ensure that all patients have the ultimate care for their specific oral surgery needs, we recommend booking an appointment with Dr. Pollock at Rockwall Oral Surgery. To contact the office, individuals can reach us at (469) 264-8921 or via email at info@dentalimplantsurgery.com. We look forward to consulting your needs and making your smile beautiful again.