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The Health Benefits of Wine

As if we need another reason to love drinking wine, new research just came out linking wine to improved oral health! Although the drink may not be great if you want to keep teeth white, it can be good for you in other ways.

Wine Could Reduce Your Risk for Heart Disease

Thanks to the tannins in wine, which contain procyanidins, your moderate wine intake could help protect you from heart disease. It can also help prevent heart attacks and stroke. One study found that moderate wine drinkers with high blood pressure may be 30 percent less likely to suffer a heart attack than those who don’t drink red wine.

Wine Could Reduce the Risk of Cancer

Moderation is key in all things. As such, moderate consumption of red wine has been shown to decrease the risk of developing colon cancer by up to 45 percent.

Wine Could Help Prevent an Aging Brain 

The decline in brain function is one of the most tragic ailments that can befall an aging population. Moderate consumption of wine was shown in a Columbia University study to markedly decrease the rate at which brain function declines.

Wine Could Improve Oral Health 

A recent study from the American Chemist Society sought to determine if the polyphenols in wine could help with oral health. Researchers discovered that they do indeed help fend off bacteria when it comes to the mouth, possibly keeping gums and teeth healthier.

Wine can still stain teeth, however, so be sure to brush 20 to 30 minutes after finishing your glass of wine to keep stains at a minimum.

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